I’m working working writing. I don’t even know how I feel about the story I’m writing. I think exposition is the hardest part for me, which is why I’ve always succeeded with short story writing. There’s no backstory, there’s no buildup. It’s just BAM! Here’s what I wanted to say. A lot easier for me. But of course, to write a novel you have to push through the tough spots. Push push push. Hopefully I don’t rush too much either. I am always trying to go back and add more.

And trying to kill the inner critic as well.

And… Happy Halloween! Always reminds me of Blubber by Judy Blume. Excellent book.

14% done!


Gadgets for Writing

I am trying to figure out how I’m going to discipline myself to actually write 15,000 words a week on top of a full time job, staying on top of cleaning, grocery shopping, and other commitments. I’ve read a lot of author blogs and ‘about me’s, trying to figure out exactly what they did to move from random job to author.

A lot of it was just sitting down and writing, whether they actually added to part of their novel during that time or not.

I did that on Thursday and it worked really well. Then Friday, well … work was crazy so I just wanted to come home and rest. Then Saturday we didn’t come home at all like I thought we would. Then Sunday I wasn’t home until almost nine, and I just couldn’t motivate myself to do much of anything besides reading.

So I did some research on some writing tools a few of the authors who I follow have mentioned in passing.

Freedom for Mac

best invention ever.

 Basically, once this bad boy is turned on, you can’t go on the Internet for a set amount of time up to 8 hours. For me, that would be awesome, because I am constantly just looking for something to distract me, and the button for Safari is RIGHT THERE. It’s only $10, but even $10 is too much to spend on something that’s not food right now, but this is a dream for me. Right now I just full screen when I write and that seems to help a little.


feel like a pro.

 You can basically organize all your thoughts with this on a corkboard, do fancy outlines, keep your research close by the actual draft,  save multiple drafts and click back and forth … there’s even special features for screen writing and such. I am in love with the organizational style of it and the mega detailed outline is super cool. I have been trying to do outlines, but the formats that Pages gives me are so old school and I have to keep reediting them (plus it brings back bad memories of forced outlines for school). Scrivener is $45, so it’s a dream again, but I really think it would help with first drafts.

Hopefully I will be able to repost again tonight with a counter and some actually writing done (even without these programs!).

Sisterhood Everlasting

By: Ann Brashares

Okay, so I only read the first two books in the series but I really thought that, being they were adults in this book, it would actually be good. No it was not.

1. They’re all stuck on one incident the ENTIRE 500 PAGES. (Okay, not sure how long it is, but based on the fact that they were all stuck on this one thing, it felt like I was reading 500 pages.)
2. None of them seemed to be sane, rational people. I didn’t understand how I was supposed to support any of them.
3. SPOILER — they all, like, live together at the end? sort of? like, their own room and everything with their bfs?? And I’m not supposed to find this pathetic at all?

Bottom line, the girls can not grow out of a teenage relationship and move into an adult one. They cannot seem to talk to each other honestly, deal with conflicts maturely, or actually live in separate houses without completely alienating each other. WHAT? If your sisterhood is that strong, and with this age of technology, someone should be able to move to California without everyone else acting like they have no way of reaching her now. Um, Skype? Facebook? A GD PLANE?? Carmen is like a fuckin actress and can’t fly out for the weekend to see if Bridget’s alive and well? She can only call her??


Live Blog

7:20 am: Wake up to alarm, curse morning, see Jim off to work.

7:30 am: Watch Revenge on Hulu, check Facebook, play Sims Social, check out a few blogs I follow. What, no one has updated this early in the morning?? Shocker.

8:20 am: Watch an episode of Last Man Standing and marvel at how “much” I’ve accomplished before I would normally go to work.

8:50 am: Find out library does not open until 12:00. What is this business? Oh, and it’s raining. What?

8:56 am: Decide to get dressed and head over to Currency Exchange for license sticker.

9:36 am: Return from venture with license sticker and decide now is the time to tackle the crowded pantry.

10:05 am: Um, if I knew it would be that easy I would’ve done it a lot sooner. Maybe I’ll load the dishwasher. And brush my teeth.

10:15 am: Crickets. Okay … what now? I’ll make my bed I’m so bored. And I guess find a library that’s open before 12.

10:42 am: No parking?? Chilling out with some Modern Family and chips.

11:30 am: Feeling some quesadilla.

11:50 am: Blew a fuse. :/

12:15 pm: Fixed. Quesadillas back on! 🙂

1:30 pm: Lost in Modern Family trance. Off to library.

2:20 pm: Four books from library: The Color Purple, Beauty Queens, Sisterhood Everlasting, and Murder in the Heartland. Pushing myself to write until three even though I desperately want to crack open one of them and dive in.

3:04 pm: Wrote about 874 words. Going to free write something else for awhile because what I was working on needs a lot of editing and a lot less writing, and I just want to write right now.

3:12 pm: Wasted some time checking out the Internet. So distracting. All right; writing til 3:30.

4:05 pm: Just wrote a short that was 1,961. Love love writing; love when I get back in the groove. Okay done with the live blog. Jim is home. 🙂

7:23 pm: Inspired. Going to write for a little bit and see how much I can get in.

8:10 pm: 1,014. I don’t think I love any of it, but it’s something. Just putting things down and trying things out is good for me. I haven’t written in a month, for reals, so I really needed this jump start.

9:12 pm: Just jotted down a 200 word beginning to something else, something I can hopefully dive into more fully from now on.

By The Time You Read This, I’ll Be Dead

By: Julie Anne Peters

I really wanted to like this book. I understand bullying is tough, and it sounded like the main character went through so so much. But she also had a fair number of people who were there for her, who were trying to understand her.

And that’s the thing I don’t get about people who are suicidal. I wonder if it’s the mental aspect, because they almost seem unable to see the positivity. They seem to be making assumptions about everyone around them, which is what they hated about others. Like how the main character in this book feared the guy was going to try to like, rape her, when all he asked was what book was she reading.

Also, I feel like the author made him a little bit bad, as if to prove a point about guys or something, which I think ruined the book.

But 3/4 of it was compelling, despite the disappointing ending.

A little procrastination

I don’t have work on Thursday for very boo hoo reasons.

However, it may be one of my last days off because those boo hoo reasons are changing rapidly.

I also I have a lot of cleaning and DMV business to take care of.

Ergo, I have been cleaning and such during the week so I have some time, hopefully in the afternoon, on Thursday to write.

We will see.

Cross your fingers for me.