Live Blog

7:20 am: Wake up to alarm, curse morning, see Jim off to work.

7:30 am: Watch Revenge on Hulu, check Facebook, play Sims Social, check out a few blogs I follow. What, no one has updated this early in the morning?? Shocker.

8:20 am: Watch an episode of Last Man Standing and marvel at how “much” I’ve accomplished before I would normally go to work.

8:50 am: Find out library does not open until 12:00. What is this business? Oh, and it’s raining. What?

8:56 am: Decide to get dressed and head over to Currency Exchange for license sticker.

9:36 am: Return from venture with license sticker and decide now is the time to tackle the crowded pantry.

10:05 am: Um, if I knew it would be that easy I would’ve done it a lot sooner. Maybe I’ll load the dishwasher. And brush my teeth.

10:15 am: Crickets. Okay … what now? I’ll make my bed I’m so bored. And I guess find a library that’s open before 12.

10:42 am: No parking?? Chilling out with some Modern Family and chips.

11:30 am: Feeling some quesadilla.

11:50 am: Blew a fuse. :/

12:15 pm: Fixed. Quesadillas back on! 🙂

1:30 pm: Lost in Modern Family trance. Off to library.

2:20 pm: Four books from library: The Color Purple, Beauty Queens, Sisterhood Everlasting, and Murder in the Heartland. Pushing myself to write until three even though I desperately want to crack open one of them and dive in.

3:04 pm: Wrote about 874 words. Going to free write something else for awhile because what I was working on needs a lot of editing and a lot less writing, and I just want to write right now.

3:12 pm: Wasted some time checking out the Internet. So distracting. All right; writing til 3:30.

4:05 pm: Just wrote a short that was 1,961. Love love writing; love when I get back in the groove. Okay done with the live blog. Jim is home. 🙂

7:23 pm: Inspired. Going to write for a little bit and see how much I can get in.

8:10 pm: 1,014. I don’t think I love any of it, but it’s something. Just putting things down and trying things out is good for me. I haven’t written in a month, for reals, so I really needed this jump start.

9:12 pm: Just jotted down a 200 word beginning to something else, something I can hopefully dive into more fully from now on.


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