Sisterhood Everlasting

By: Ann Brashares

Okay, so I only read the first two books in the series but I really thought that, being they were adults in this book, it would actually be good. No it was not.

1. They’re all stuck on one incident the ENTIRE 500 PAGES. (Okay, not sure how long it is, but based on the fact that they were all stuck on this one thing, it felt like I was reading 500 pages.)
2. None of them seemed to be sane, rational people. I didn’t understand how I was supposed to support any of them.
3. SPOILER — they all, like, live together at the end? sort of? like, their own room and everything with their bfs?? And I’m not supposed to find this pathetic at all?

Bottom line, the girls can not grow out of a teenage relationship and move into an adult one. They cannot seem to talk to each other honestly, deal with conflicts maturely, or actually live in separate houses without completely alienating each other. WHAT? If your sisterhood is that strong, and with this age of technology, someone should be able to move to California without everyone else acting like they have no way of reaching her now. Um, Skype? Facebook? A GD PLANE?? Carmen is like a fuckin actress and can’t fly out for the weekend to see if Bridget’s alive and well? She can only call her??



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