Gadgets for Writing

I am trying to figure out how I’m going to discipline myself to actually write 15,000 words a week on top of a full time job, staying on top of cleaning, grocery shopping, and other commitments. I’ve read a lot of author blogs and ‘about me’s, trying to figure out exactly what they did to move from random job to author.

A lot of it was just sitting down and writing, whether they actually added to part of their novel during that time or not.

I did that on Thursday and it worked really well. Then Friday, well … work was crazy so I just wanted to come home and rest. Then Saturday we didn’t come home at all like I thought we would. Then Sunday I wasn’t home until almost nine, and I just couldn’t motivate myself to do much of anything besides reading.

So I did some research on some writing tools a few of the authors who I follow have mentioned in passing.

Freedom for Mac

best invention ever.

 Basically, once this bad boy is turned on, you can’t go on the Internet for a set amount of time up to 8 hours. For me, that would be awesome, because I am constantly just looking for something to distract me, and the button for Safari is RIGHT THERE. It’s only $10, but even $10 is too much to spend on something that’s not food right now, but this is a dream for me. Right now I just full screen when I write and that seems to help a little.


feel like a pro.

 You can basically organize all your thoughts with this on a corkboard, do fancy outlines, keep your research close by the actual draft,  save multiple drafts and click back and forth … there’s even special features for screen writing and such. I am in love with the organizational style of it and the mega detailed outline is super cool. I have been trying to do outlines, but the formats that Pages gives me are so old school and I have to keep reediting them (plus it brings back bad memories of forced outlines for school). Scrivener is $45, so it’s a dream again, but I really think it would help with first drafts.

Hopefully I will be able to repost again tonight with a counter and some actually writing done (even without these programs!).


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