The thing when you’re writing is, you have to stay in tense. First or third, subjective or omniscent, past or present. It is very hard to do when you don’t understand a story, where it’s going, or what you’re even doing trying to write it.

I once read about a writer who wrote the first draft in every option, and then took a step back and decided what she liked best.

I usually have a problem where I switch between past and present, unable to decide whether I like talking about the here and now or the back then. This time, though, I’m staying in the past. I decided that from the beginning, subconsciously, and that subconscious decision rather than making a conscious one seems to be working out pretty good for me.

68% done!

((Based on what I wrote this week only, I am only at 36%. And I am 15% down from where I was last week. Trying to remind myself that all this week to week comparison will only drive me nuts. Just take it as it is and keep writing!))


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