Almost 20 days ago I started my new goal, and here, I have finally finished it and quickly moved on to the next one (45,000 words), as reflected in the meter count below. Today I got myself to writing by setting goals: in 1,000 words I will eat lunch … when I get to 27,500 I will buy niece’s present … a new Code Red at 29,000 … and after that, just wrote. Got that idea from authors, although I think everyone uses it in general, and I like it for when I really just want to veg but have to sit and write.

Getting back into the groove of my story and narrowing my shutters onto quantity, not quality. It is, after all, a first draft. I think I have inadvertently not only renamed a teacher, but also an entire table of kids. Ha ha! Oh well. That’s because I also read that when you are writing a first draft, it is not going back and figuring and keeping track. A lot of it, especially when it is your first first draft, is just getting the words out.

69% done!


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