You don’t really think about commercials until you don’t see them any more.

I don’t have a TV, so ergo, I don’t watch commercials.

Yes, Hulu has ads, but it is literally for the same advertisers (Geico, Lowes, charities, or a specific show/movie) over and over. And in one thirty minute show, I probably see about six commercials, usually all for the same company.

Plus, sometimes I can get lucky and watch one long commercial at the beginning, and no ads for the rest. Or I can AdSwap and see what I want to watch.

But this weekend, I was at my parents, and HOLY GUACAMOLE the commercials. They are  loud, fast, and especially around this time of year, bombarding you with every toy and gadget imaginable. I even read in the latest Parenting magazine that if you have kids, it is best to sit them down pre-holidays and explain that they aren’t going to get every toy that pops up on the screen. Honestly, I didn’t even know half the toys I was seeing advertised existed, and so many of them looked cheap and probably only provided five minutes of entertainment.

Husband and I are doing really well without a TV. He’s actually been TV free for a year and a half now; I’ve been TV free for seven months. He doesn’t even watch Hulu, with the exception of Glee and Switched At Birth, the latter a sporatic ABCFamily show. I am down to watching only five shows on Hulu now — Once Upon a Time, Revenge, Modern Family, Glee, and Family Guy.

We were really pushed by several people to get a TV, and although we’re not trying to consider ourselves high and mighty, we really just don’t see the point. Literally, everything I want to watch is on Hulu, my stepson barely watches TV, and when I used to have a TV + cable before I got married, I was barely reading and writing because all I wanted to do was sit around and watch TV.

We also get more use out of my fantastic MacBook, because we use it to watch my stepson’s favorite Disney movies, and we download documentaries off iTunes to watch. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Ads.

  1. Good for you! I think we could get by without a tv, but my husband loves sports….So, for us it’s cheaper to own a tv as he would have to go to a sports bar for all the “important games” if we didn’t have one. He likes every sport except baseball and hockey, so there are a lot of “important games” watched on our tv 🙂

  2. I was trying to think of a way you could get around that by watching the sports elsewhere, but that’s a pretty tough one! 🙂 My husband enjoys baseball, but he either listens to it on the radio, goes to a friend’s house, or just keeps tabs on the score via the team’s website. He also likes watching UFC fights which come on about once a month, but he checks the card ahead of time and if he really wants to see it, we’ll save the money so he can go to the bar with his friends to watch.

    We’re pretty lucky that neither of us is a big sports person, because I think you would need a TV to be able to actually watch the games.

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