In an effort to procrastinate writing further, but pretending like I wasn’t, I immersed myself into other things last night. First of all, I became obsessed with the song Set Fire to the Rain by Adele.

Then I laid in the dark, snuggled with Husband, and listened to the entirety of Josh Groban’s Noel.  I love it because it is ninety percent religious music. I also love doing nothing else but simply being with my husband. That kind of non-distracted silence allows the feelings to dredge up, the good kind, and it’s good to take the time and embrace them. When you see someone every day, it’s important to take separate time to see them as well.

Listening to his Christmas album for the first time this year definitely put me in the Christmas mood. So Husband and I packed ourselves into the car and drove through our neighborhood to look at any and all Christmas lights, then through downtown via State Street and back out via Michigan Avenue. I love the lights, busyness, and architecture of downtown. I love being so close to it all.

Still in the car, as the clock ticked past eleven o’clock, Husband and I headed up Lake Shore to Evanston, swung through the downtown en route to the very expensive neighborhoods of Kenilworth and Wilmette.

My God, these houses. Mansions, all lined up in a row. Mercedes and BMWs, all lined up in a row. Beautiful Christmas lights, strung off the edges, entire yards decorated (by the help, Husband speculated), and even one house had a ten foot Christmas tree in their front yard, decked to the nines in splendor.

It was breath taking and intimidating all at the same time. And then I thought, what would it be like to live here? What kind of pressures await the children born in these houses? Husband mentioned boarding schools and Yale hopefuls, but all I could think of was late night movies with friends, and dates with crushes. Does any of that happen here? Are these streets always so empty? Is anyone sneaking out of these houses into freedom?

The inevitable question of, these people appear to have it all, but do they really?


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