Live Blog.

Yes. Again.

7:24 am: Woke up, did not want to get up up, pulled in laptop to bed to watch YouTube videos.

9:20 am: Woke up from apocolypse nightmare. Put on Adele, check out Mass Times, Facebook, and various other blogs. No one updates over the weekend and that kind of bugs me. But sometimes they surprise me, hence the check through.

9:49 am: Decide to live blog, to motivate myself to write some time today. Also get a little grumpy thinking about last night. We hung out with someone who is normally cheerful and conversational, and he was the complete opposite last night and combative to boot. What? Definitely got me thinking and a little pissy, tbh.

9:51 am: I need food.

9:57 am: Munching french toast sticks and checking out Brookfield Zoo’s Holiday Magic. Really want to see this later.

10:25-11:47 am: Church. Now hungry again … and maybe starting to think about writing.

12:00 pm: Um … Just got to watch the documentary For the Bible Tells Us So.

3:00 pm: And … maybe I’ll watch the Community Christmas episode?

3:33 pm: And I guess Parks and Rec too …

4:10 pm: One more Parks and Rec … purely out of boredom …

4:35 pm: Oh, Brookfield Zoo time? Okay.

7:30 pm: Probably should start writing … just a little Internet searching first …

8:28 pm: Okay. Going to sit and write for the next half hour, no excuses.


1961 / 15000 words. 13% done!


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