bah humbug?

I feel excellent about Advent. Want to make that clear.

Not feeling so chummy with Christmas, though.

I think it’s because I’ve been asked several times what I’m getting Husband for Christmas, and we aren’t getting each other anything. Haven’t, actually, since we started dating. We aren’t present people. We don’t get each other presents for anything. Usually just a card. I like that. What I don’t like is the response to my answer, which is usually something about money. And it has nothing to do with money.

Also, we are visiting five houses in two and a half days and spending roughly eight to nine hours in the car over the weekend. That doesn’t really sound like Christmas to me. That sounds like a road trip, or Amazing Race. (Also spending the 23rd night and 24th night at other people’s houses, and asked if we would like to do the same on the 25th. Basically asked to not be at home at all over Christmas.)

Then there’s the fact that our apartment is barren of Christmas decoration, and we’ve already been berated twice for this. We’re not home 3 out of 4 weekends this month. When are we putting them up, anyway? Or enjoying them?

Finally, there is the pushing. The pushing that we have to visit everyone — even people we have already visited previously in the month to make up for not being there on Christmas. The idea that Husband and I can’t choose for ourselves where to go, but will be told where to go. How old are we again?

I am looking forward to church on Christmas Eve. The one hour of the weekend that’s not about pleasing other people. That’s about it.


2 thoughts on “bah humbug?

  1. Ugh! What a pain. We drove way more than I would have liked this Christmas, but we drove home late last night so that we could have today all to ourselves, with no obligations, no other family, and no places to be. We just put up our Christmas tree today.

    It is definitely frustrating trying to please everyone, though. If not for my husband’s family doing “Thanksmas” instead of anything on Christmas Eve or Day, we would have really struggled to be everywhere. I think as time goes on, I’ll be okay with letting go of some of my family’s traditions, but right now it’s still hard.

    I think you and him have to just do what you need to do, but it’s got to be hard. Family can be wonderful… but also frustrating.

  2. I totally agree about having to let go of family traditions eventually. I also feel like until we have kids of our own that are about 3 or 4, no one is going to understand that we need to start doing our own thing.

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