I feel funny less than 24 hours later blogging about the same thing, but here it is. Husband came home about a hour after I had jotted down the last blog, and we talked about the issues. The main thing is that we both hate wasting gas and money driving all over the place. Literally, this upcoming weekend will probably set us back $75+. It is very frustrating.

I couldn’t stop thinking about how during Engaged Encounter, the lead couples talked about how when we got married, we started a family right there, even with just the two of us. Then I thought about how Husband and I spend all our holidays running around between houses, trying to appease everyone with even an appearance for a hour or two.

Husband brought up an excellent point, “Are we going to keep running around even when we have kids? You know they will expect to see them every holiday.”

I didn’t have an answer.


So we came up with this solution, to settle ourselves at least for this year. House number 4 out of 5 (which we didn’t want to go to, but are being told to go to) we will visit when we are good and ready — and not immediately after we drop off Stepson, as was demanded of us.

Also, we’re not visiting anyone at Easter. We’re planning to go to Mass Easter morning, and then brunch somewhere, but that’s it. We want one holiday out of the year where our family can sit, relax, and enjoy ourselves, and not be trapped in a car for half the day.


I honestly feel better about the holiday already. I feel more open to it, and a bit more zen about all the running around knowing that the next holiday brings none of it. Also, our New Year’s Eve three day weekend has been declared a lounge, activity free weekend, so I’m excited for that too after the Christmas rush.


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