the budg.


I just spent the past hour writing a blog about budget concerns … and then deleted it. I felt so whiny.

I mean yes, it’s totally at a point where we’re down to paying bills, getting gas, and buying groceries. Nothing else.


I’m just frustrated because I was online today searching for budget advice, and the articles were so depressing.

Saying I should be saving $100 a month. If I had an extra $100/month, I would put it towards Husband’s lawyer so we could pay her off. ( I seriously just did the math, and at the rate we’re going, it will take us SIX YEARS to pay her off. See? Depressing.)

Saying I should try to live on $21/day. What? How does that work?

Saying if I need to save money, just cut down my cable bill and shop Jewel using coupons. Yes, that totally helps me.


It’s like, I need someone who gets it. I need to talk to someone, other than Husband, who gets where we’re at and is like, oh us too. It’s crazy hard. Someone else who doesn’t have TV (or at least no cable), who shops at Aldi’s, who has a $40/month phone plan, and is like I DON’T KNOW WHAT ELSE TO DO. I HAVE NO WANTS LEFT TO CUT. Which is the yelling point I’m at currently.


The highlight for today was father in law listened to our case and agreed to return the TV and give us the money, with no hurt feelings (because he honestly did not realize that we don’t need a TV). Yay.

Going to bed.



4 thoughts on “the budg.

  1. A lot of “save money” websites list only the obvious things that you’ve clearly already thought of, which is frustrating. I wish I had some ideas for you!

  2. I have a couple tips I’ve read (One I use, one I haven’t tried yet). The first is to stop buying most cleaning products and clean with baking soda and vinegar instead. It’s healthier and cheaper. This is the one I do. The other is to start making your own laundry detergent. I hear it’s really cheap and easy to do, but I haven’t had the time or dedication to try it. I know how you feel. We have TV, but only because we are locked into a two year contract and it would cost us more to cancel the TV than it would to pay it off for two years. We also share a plan with my parents for cell phones, so our cell phone bill is dirt cheap every month. We have no house phone, are shopping at Aldi’s more and more each month, and are JUST making ends meet. I hope you find some good advice that is worth taking. If you do, please share!

  3. We do the cleaning product one so all we have to buy then and again is toilet bowl cleaner and windex for our glass table (things I clean like, twice a month so it’s not eating into our money at all). I would do the laundry soap, but again, since we do our laundry at our parents’ houses when we visit on the weekends with my stepson (and they insist on us using their detergent too), buying laundry soap is a rare thing around here. I actually haven’t bought any since we got married in May, but I’ll keep homemade soap in mind for the future.

    I will definitely let you know if I find something!

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