day i was born.

Is today.


Current struggles: actually sitting down and writing, finding the motivation to stay on task with the housework, staying calm with current car issues, trying not to be so cynical/sarcastic, and not drinking pop but water.


Current happy times: going out to a restaurant tonight (gift card), getting three new books in the mail and buying two on Sunday in store (gift card x2), and not recklessly spending money.



When I was a kid, and I thought about being 25, I think I got pretty close to the mark on where I wanted to be. Even before I met Husband, I always thought about how cool it would be to live in Chicago. I always definitely wanted to be married at this point, and have a job teaching. The only two things I’m “missing” are publishing a book and having a kid.

But I also acknowledge that as a 12 year old, I didn’t know anything about how things in publishing/writing actually worked, and that for kids you need money. And selflessness. Two things that I’m really missing right now, especially since I’ve only been married 8 months.


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