the other life.

Today, I lived the other life. I got up this morning, dressed dress casual, hopped on the el, and rode it to the Merchandise Mart in downtown Chicago.

My aunt has a business, and today, I was a buyer for her. I loved it.


I’ve always been one of those people who imagine doing all sorts of careers. I know my talents and limits, yet still, I can’t seem to NOT help but get excited about a variety of jobs/careers. So far, I’ve imagined myself as a writer, an editor, a high school/junior high teacher, a copyeditor, a zookeeper, a nursing home activities director, a curriculum advisor, an administrative assistant, a daycare director, a home daycare owner, a college admissions advisor, a Disney World tram operator, and now, a buyer.


Here’s what I loved about being a buyer: you’re basically shopping for other people. You know what they like, what they’ve bought in the past, and then you pick out things they’re more likely to want to buy in the future. You look at wholesale prices, figure what you’re going to price it at, decide if it’ll make a profit and if someone would buy at that price. I love finding things and knowing other people are going to love them too. I like thinking about what people asked us for last year (like X-mas trees skirts, more snowmen items, and a bit of sparkle on things) and finding those things. I like thinking about what my aunt and mom can add to things to make them better, more appeasing to buy, and how much of each to buy.


Anyway. I do it once every year for my aunt, and it’s super fun and I feel so professional doing it. I’m sad because next year instead of buying in Chicago, my aunt and mom are going to Atlanta for the show there. I wish I could go with it! But ah, money. It keeps everything away.


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