So, one of my new year’s resolutions was to declutter the house. I decided to start somewhere easy — our three shelf storage area in the bathroom.

best shot I could get of the mismash

My main problem is that it’s sooo disorganized, and I don’t even know half the stuff that’s in here. Just from this picture, I can count four different cold medicines. Why do I have so many??

Remedying this was easier than I expected. I started by taking everything out and checking dates on the medicine, making everything was still good for 2012. Anything that was expired was chucked. Then I went through and tossed anything that wasn’t being used (like bath salts, we NEVER take baths) and things like wrappers and hair clip packaging. Then I grouped everything into three piles, and put it back on the shelves neatly.

the medicine shelf

Now I can clearly see what we have for medicine, and it’s all in one place so I’m not shuffling past my tampons and hair dryer trying to find allergy pills. I also made sure that boxes I put in the back have their description facing out, and put things we’ll need sooner in front (like Tylonel) and things we only need in certain circumstances in the back (like extra toothpaste, and sunscreen).

hair and shaving products

My hair is short like a boy’s currently, so I baggied all my clips and ties and put them in the back of the shelf with the curling iron and straightener — things I might not need now, but could if I decide to grow my hair back out. All I need now are my hairbrush and my hairdryer, so they go in the front along with some shaving creams that Husband might need if his current soap runs out. Totally decluttered, and it’ll be easy for me to grab my hairdryer in the morning without a ton of other stuff crashing down.


I apologize for the bad picture; I had to manuever around the radiator and still couldn’t get a decent shot. This shelf is the most empty because it’s the left over pile — hygiene that doesn’t belong in the medicine cabinet because it’s not used often enough — extra razors for me, cotton swabs, and tampons/pads.

So there you have it. The whole process took me about twenty minutes and I felt really good about it afterwards. I liked changing up the shelving, which had been bugging me for awhile, without buying anything or stressing too much. Step one of decluttering the apartment done!


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