Resolute to …

One of my resolutions was to write more. Well, we’re basically at the end of January, and I have written sporadic sentences here and there, but nothing really concrete. When I get some down time at work, and with all the books I’ve been reading lately, I have some ideas cooking, but instead of just the thinking, I need to DO.

I tried to think, what is really holding me back from writing?


So you know how we don’t have a TV, and I mostly just watch on Hulu? Well, at the beginning of the month we were baby sitting my niece, and I knew I was going to have a lot of downtime that weekend while watching her, so I signed up for the free Netflix trial. I watched all the seasons available of How I Met Your Mother and Husband and I have really gotten into Law and Order.

The free trial expired this past weekend, and Husband and I talked about and decided that we can afford $8/month for the next couple of months to keep up Netflix, because we do really like having it. Plus, Netflix is month to month, so we can always cancel if we have to really tighten the budget.

I should point out that other changes were made to the budget to accommodate the $8.


Anyway. Now I come home, make a little dinner, maybe read, check the Internet, talk with Husband, and then we spend about three hours watching Law and Order. Seriously? I look at this now, and I’m like … this is so like when I lived with my sister and we had TV. What is the point of not having a TV if I’m still going to be sitting around watching a screen instead of doing other, more productive things?

So I’ve decided to set aside a hour after dinner to just writing, and then after that, then rewarding myself with some Netflix. I think that kind of discipline is exactly what I need to get back into the writing groove.


2 thoughts on “Resolute to …

  1. It’s amazing how quickly tv time really adds up! I’ve recently noticed how much time the television eats….

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