Day 1.

I wrote about 300 words, so that’s nice … and then I deleted them. I am really starting to hate this funk!

But, also reminding myself that at least I am sitting and writing, and can always try try try again tomorrow, and go from there …

I really just put too high of expectations on myself when it comes to my writing, and once I leap those I can just dive in like I did last time, but that hurdle … I trip over it more than I care to admit!

… eventually, you have to look away from the window and back to the computer. And start the actual writing.

Which might be the hardest part.

I’ve always said that my least favorite two words to write are “Chapter” and “One.” Starting a story has so much pressure – is the opening sentence strong enough? Have I written the correct mix of back-story so the reader knows who the characters are and current action so they don’t get bored?

Writing isn’t for wimps, guys. Countless hours staring at your computer screen, countless hours sitting there in the same position (that one gets me the most), usually a year of edits and waiting before you see the book in its book form and then a check for waaaaay less than minimum wage. πŸ™‚ If you’re in this career for the money, for the job flexibility or for the lack of effort you think you’ll need to put into it, you’re in the wrong career.


Then I read these words by Christian writer Erynn Mangum and think, ‘I can do this!’ πŸ™‚


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