without guilt.

Husband came home last night with a surprise. His dad got a $70 American Express gift card from a rebate and gave it to us — just because. What generosity!

Almost immediately, we discussed what bill we could pay using the gift card. Yes, that’s exactly how our minds think. But then I looked at Husband and I was like, “Dude. FREE MONEY. What bill can we pay with this? None. Aldi won’t accept this. Let’s BLOW IT.”


Do you know how freeing that is for us? To spend money without wondering what better way it could have been spent? To not see that total and grimace because it’s money out of the account, money possibly spent on an electric bill or car payment?


It was very awesome. We went to Target. This is what we bought:

— Lactose free milk (okay, we didn’t go hog wild, still had groceries to buy, ha)

— A gallon of Arnold Palmer

— Brownie bites

— A new notebook for budgeting for when the old one runs out

— A 20 oz Mountain Dew (frivolous unnecessary spending! Woo!)

— My Valentine’s Day card for Husband

— Graphic T-shirt for me (the last time I bought a fun t-shirt was … before I got married?? The last time Huband and I bought clothes was at Thanksgiving, strictly on-sale necessity jeans (for him), plain shirts (for me) and onesies for my niece.)

— The book Something Borrowed

This was about $40 some dollars, so Husband is going to use the rest next weekend when he gets gas.


I think it was seriously, very therapeutic for us to have money and just … use it. Without a budget, without concerns, without a serious discussion. I understand that it was that kind of random Target spending that I used to do when I was single that was SO WRONG, but to do it once in a while when budget is constantly tight is really nice!


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