resolute: clutter.

Working harder towards my decluttering goal. This morning Husband and I were set on cleaning up the apartment. I have a couple boxes of books and DVDs that I was keeping around just cause. I decided to go through them for sure, and then decide what went to Goodwill and what was going to stay.

We had three bags of clothes for Goodwill, and then I had three boxes of books/DVDs — two from the sorted out boxes, and one from my bookcase. I decided to get really honest about what books I will read over and over again, and which ones I will never read again. That kind of end decision is something I’ve been putting off. Honest: I like having a lot of books. I think it looks good on the shelf. But the truth is, having books that I’m constantly passing over isn’t doing me any favors, and I’d rather only keep carrying books that I want to sit down and read again from time to time.


Decluttering resolution so far is going well and I’m really glad I decided to do this because my laziness can kind of turn me into a pack rat. My next step will be my closet, and I will definitely take pictures when I do that.


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