Resolute: Clutter.

I woke up at six this morning. After a few moments of puttering around, and knowing Husband and I will be going to the Chicago auto show later (free tickets!), I decided to do something I’ve been putting off.

Decluttering the back room.

Don't judge me.

This is only one half of the room. This is the half that belongs to Stepson. The couch is a sofa bed, incase you thought we made him sleep on a couch. The other half is also a disaster but is a dumping ground for Husband’s bike things, so I’m leaving it up to him to clean it up.

ANYWAY. I know I said the next stop on my decluttering tour was the closet, but after Stepson’s birthday party last weekend, there was an extra accumulation of clothes and toys. I barely got everything out of their bags, so was my enthusiasm for the project this week, let alone organize and put everything away. This area has been a sore spot because everyone gets Stepson so much and he’s barely at home to play with it. Like last weekend we had his birthday party and then he and Husband spent the rest of the weekend at Husband’s father’s house. Next weekend when we have him we’re going to be at my parents’ house.

So when I went to tackle this room, I definitely made two things a priority: 1) only saving clothes that fit him (no matter how cute they were!) and 2) narrowing down his toys. Neither goal was that hard, but everytime before that I had gone back there to clean I had more so organized the chaos rather than pare down the selection. So it was good I took some time to do that — I came out with two bags of clothes for Goodwill and a few toys as well. There were also some junky toys that I just pitched — cars with a wheel missing, stuff like that.

45 minutes to a hour later, here’s the result.

oh! it's a room!

When Stepson comes next weekend, we’re going to show him where everything is and talk about keeping the room together, and we’ll help him do that. Part of the mess is because for the past few months he’s been starting to resist cleaning up, and like I said we’ve been on the move almost every weekend we have him so we haven’t really been pushing him to do so. Hopefully how nice it looks will keep me motivated to be on him to keep it clean. And again, less stuff = less stuff to haul around when we move.

All right, three things down, the rest of the apartment to go! I still have to tackle the clothes in the closet, the random assortment of boxes hidden around the apartment, and our stairway closet.


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