DAMN. Um, was in the middle of writing this post, mid post, this ranty rant rant, and I had a music video and everything.

It was a good rant too.

And then, phone rings. My Grandma is in the hospital, and it’s SERIOUS, and I just feel like God was like … tap tap. Why are you ranting about the little things? Why do you care what SHE says when you know it’s just lies?

Why do you put such stock in such frustration and anger when there is this? When these things are happening and are so much more serious, so much more important to think about?

And in that moment, that moment of phone ringing and message receiving and my dad raceraceracing to the hospital, the anger went poof. The frustration went gone.

And here I am.

Calm and praying and trying not to feel guilty about the fact that for right now, it is all I can do.

This is one of those lessons that stick.


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