My weekend was great, and then the past two days I’ve had a cold that just knocked me over. Like sludge through work, come home, and eatsoupreadbookbed. I’m at about 80% today, so I decided to take my good health in hand and do more than just lay down when I get home.

So I:

  1. Put away clean clothes.
  2. Made dinner.
  3. Sorted dirty clothes/picked up the floor.
  4. Helped Husband bag up garbage from bathroom + kitchen.
  5. Vacuumed (Husband worked the WetJet behind me.)
  6. Cleaned the baseboards.
  7. Ran a load in the dishwasher.

Then I read over some stuff for work, read some of the current book I’m reading while eating dinner, wrote, and am now finishing up this post before bed. And, I’ve been home from work for less than three hours!

I am trying this new thing where I just DO a task, instead of planning it beforehand and overwhelming myself with what I have to do. I think when I plan ahead, I just exaggerate not only how long it’s going to take but also how much effort it requires.

Based on the above list, I’d say it’s working!


27% done!


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