cool sunglasses.

Well, what hasn’t been happening lately. My grandma came out of the hospital (after a surgery she had 50% chance of surviving), and we saw her on Saturday and she is limited but in good spirits and looking good (she keeps a tan year round, has better color than me!). Although now Husband’s grandma is BACK in the hospital due to wonky numbers and declining independence (currently, can’t even stand by herself). SOMETHING is going on with Stepson; he was sniffly and coughy and sleepy all weekend. And me? I’m currently off work for the day because my right eye has been giving me such issues that I was in sunglasses inside and outside for two days straight. I’m on drops now and going back to work tomorrow after the drops have had time to work their magic on my throbbing, light sensitive eye (currently, I have all the lights off in the apartment and my computer screen is at the lowest brightness setting).

The good news? Husband got an excellent deal on a much needed laptop for him (I’m talking $300! SCORE!). Stepson knows how to write all the letters of the alphabet and spent much of the weekend (while sniffling and coughing) writing everyone’s name in the family — he even wrote out a birthday card for my dad! I am impressed because he is four, people! Niece is rolling over and doing excellent work with her tummy time and even starting to begin a crawling position (which, for five months, is right on schedule and awesome).

I am excited for this upcoming weekend, for a shortened work day on Thursday, and that I got to spend mucho time with my niece this weekend. And OMG, the pictures my sister has been taking of her … I just want to eat her. EAT HER UP WITH A SPOON.

Writing has been sparse, because of excitement and medical needs and such. So has decluttering, but I did pick up the apartment when I came home from the eye doctor, and I was proud of taking the time to do that and NOT being lazy.

OK, my eye is starting to bug even from the (low) computer light. Off for a nap!


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