Things have been … extremely hard around here lately. Husband’s grandma has been in and out of the ICU at the hospital, and there have been several close calls, and Saturday night we went down there to say what we thought was goodbye. Then she pulled through. However she relapsed again, and tonight, we’re just waiting for the phone call.

Husband and I have already shed many, many tears over the weekend and tonight as well. She really is a second mother to Husband, and he even lived with her for six months as a child and for awhile when he was going through his divorce. We aren’t at the hospital tonight because she is more or less comatose, and he doesn’t want to see her that way, which I completely understand. Sitting around the house, waiting for the call, is agonizing for me. I am probably headed off to bed soon.

I’m going to work tomorrow, but Husband probably won’t depending on what happens tonight, and I’m going to take off Friday so I can help MIL with funeral arrangements and just support (she is an only child, and lost her dad a few years ago).

I was thinking about writing something on Facebook, just to get it out there, but I changed my mind. Instead I texted my sisters/mom, and tomorrow I’m going to message a certain someone.

I can hear Husband sniffling in the other room … this is so so so so hard.


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