Getting ready for work when I realized I haven’t posted on this blog in a long time, and I’d like to keep this thing updated somewhat, so. Life.

Writing here and there, sometimes in my head and sometimes on a laptop.

Last week was a split between the sorrow and the celebration. Death is a hard thing, but I was glad I was there to support Husband, and glad we were both there to talk about it with Stepson.

Anyway. Work is also going well right now and I’m in this place where I don’t mind going to work, where every day seems to go by pretty speedily and pretty well and I’m having a good time.

I saw Hunger Games, and I really really really liked it. Which is good for me, because every time I see a movie based on a book, and I have read the book FIRST, I always come out of the theater going, ‘COME ON!’. Like I had a serious issue with every Harry Potter movie, mostly because I hated the spawn of fans it created who now never had to pick up a book and could just sit and watch a three hour movie instead.

But Collins helped write the screenplay for Hunger Games, so I think that truly upped it into a good movie. Plus, and I’m saying this as a positive, Hunger Games’ plot is simple enough to become a movie plot without people who have read the books being like, ‘What about this plot point? What about this character?’ I feel like I rejected the HP movies so strongly because the plots of those books are so bogged with nuances and backstories, things very hard to convey in a movie properly. Also, I have always loved Josh Hutcherson and I thought he did a great job in the movie.

One of my go-to YA websites pretended to like the movie, but then when it came down to it a lot of the people on the site really didn’t, and I think it was mostly because A) they wanted more violence, which should not be an issue because there was ENOUGH, and B) they didn’t like the casting, so I think it clouded their movie viewing. They had set up a long time ago who they wanted to be whom in the movie, and then thought they would actually get who they wanted. I actually really hated the actor they imagined for Peeta — one of the boys from the Narnia movie, which I don’t think works at all because I don’t think he could have been silent and strong like Peeta without coming off obnoxious or stuck-up.

And that’s it for now.


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