Lots of sucky news this weekend. Things that I can’t really talk about but are really making it hard for me to be pleasant to certain people.

Luckily, we’re getting some much needed distraction this weekend. We’re going to the zoo, and then later, my sister’s boyfriend’s music gig. There are some storms/rain in the area but we’ve been tracking it so I’m not worried about being out and about tonight. Tornadoes are really crazy, but so so rare in the area I live it’s a joke. The closest I ever got to a tornado was when I was like 3, and it destroyed part of the city I lived in plus the next town over. So our area is super lucky when it comes to tornadoes. Now that we live in the city, it’s really weird to imagine a tornado coming down the street, ha ha.

I’ve always been simultaneously scared and fascinated by tornadoes. I couldn’t imagine being in one, but I love watching them from afar and the storms that come with them. One of my favorite books when I was a kid (that also scared the crap out of me) was Night of the Twisters. With news of the system passing through the plains Husband and I used Netflix to watch a tornado doc and some of Storm Chasers. What’s great about Netflix is that whenever I’m interested in something, I can just search it on Netflix and watch videos about it, no problem.

I also finished The Book Thief last night, which I have been trying to read since my senior year of college, so about 4-5 years now. My situation with that book was similar to the one I had with Anna Karenina — I would read so far, lose interest, and move on to a different book. My other issue with TBT was also that it is a VERY tough subject — Nazi Germany — and I have to be in a certain mindframe to read about that. I read a lot about the Holocaust in junior high and early college, but not much since then. So to get back into that was a challenge.

I have to say that the book is definitely worth a read even if it is a struggle to get into and read at times. Some because of what was mentioned above, but also because I was a little confused as to what was happening at certain points. Without giving too much away, the book’s POV is Death, who doesn’t really name the characters at times as he talks about them, so it was hard to tell who he was talking about sometime. But still, must emphasis, a really great read. I can see why it won the awards it did back in ’06.

Ok. Moving on and taking on the day.


2 thoughts on “chase.

  1. I have to say that I have ALSO always been fascinated and terrified of tornadoes. I lean more on the side of terrified, but I find their destructive power and unexpected nature intriguing!

    I’m also glad that you were glad you read The Book Thief. I agree with what you’ve said about it!

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