Got into a bit of luck and Husband’s friend scored free tickets to a White Sox game. Then he was like, ‘Well, I also have Club Membership passes. Let’s go to the Club!’ It sounded super exclusive, and when we got there it was all linen napkins and NOT OUTSIDE IN THE COLD and waitresses taking your order. It was a pretty high class way to watch a baseball game.

We also had to pay $5/person just to sit there (for reals, ya’ll), food was daaaammmnnn expensive, and they threw a generous tip on the bill for you.

But you know what? It was once in a lifetime for me, (Husband got these perks from past gfs) so we lived it up and enjoyed ourselves and will not go get groceries for another week to make up for it. Hee.

Had good conversation, good food, and a decent game (they lost!).

Other news: conversation during the game and the L train rides inspired, so I’m excited about that.

Because there are so many neighborhoods in Chicago, there are a vast number of library branches to fit in them, and I finally found one that has good book selection, decent hours so I can after work, and close parking. A lot of the branches are small, and the one I had been going to changed its hours and now closes at 6 daily, which clashed with my work schedule. But I love the branch I went to today, and I’m going to stick to it. Plus it’s not too far from the apartment so Husband can also ride his bike over and drop off due books for me if I can’t make it there.

Finally, this is lame but so what, I am going back and rereading the first Traveling Pants book, and then reading the subsequent books in the series. I know I read the first book when it came out soooo long ago, but I never got around to the others, and honestly when I think of the first one I don’t know if I’m remembering the book or the movie. So I’m kind of excited for that because I know that as they were getting published they drew a lot of buzz. I’m in the middle of the first of the James Patterson series Witch & Wizard, and I thought I’d get into it but A) it’s very cheesy and simplistic (even for being kid aimed) and B) the characters are not compelling enough for me. The chapters range from two to three pages, so it’s really hard for any deep development to happen to the characters. I think I’m going to finish up the first one and lay that trail to rest.

Time for bed! Night! Zzzzzzz


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