Busy day, but a good one too. Dropped off our things for the garage sale (which apparently isn’t going to be taken place for a bit now), helped out Husband’s family with some landscaping, went to see my sister/niece, and … sold the tires on my cars for $200!

I have to admit I was thinking we’d get a little more, as we just spent $400 on them LAST MONTH, but the people were willing to swap tires this weekend on site, so it was a good offer. Now we just have to sell the car to the junk yard, and we’re thinking we might get around $300 for it. We are thrilled with the extra pocket of money, which we’ll use for future payments on Husband’s car.

I was talking with my sister while my niece was down for a nap and she just happened to mention some BIG news: they will be trying for baby number 2 later this year! At first I was a little taken aback, but my niece is almost one, my sister wants her kids to be two years apart, and she wants a lot of her kids “out” so to speak by the time she turns 30 (she turns 29 this year, just like Husband). I was very excited for her, and it led to a discussion of when I’ll have kids, something that isn’t going to happen for QUITE some time, as Husband eagerly jumped in to confirm.

Did I mention I’m still on the ‘no’ swing of having kids right now? Besides the obvious financial reasons, I’m into traveling right now, ever since we went to Toronto really, and I’m already dreaming about oh! the places we’ll go! once we ease out of the financial crunch we’re currently in.

There’s also the matter of my job … Friday night I stuck around and had a discussion with my boss about the new room she wants to put me in. It is a room that needs a LOT of work, from curriculuum being implemented to kids getting involved and disciplined properly. Basically I am performing a makeover on this room for the summer, turning it over to someone else, and heading back to my old room. I explained to my boss that she was in no way to expect immediate miracles, that taking the room to the level it needed was going to take time and patience. As we talked about the massive overhaul I was undertaking, my boss asked if I had ever started the certification program the company offers through Rasmussen College. I admitted I had been dragging my feet about it, but still held interest in getting certified in ECE. I joked that if I got it, would she be offering me a raise? She commented that there would be the possibility of a promotion. That totally peaked my interest.

This is the second time it has been suggested to me that I persue management in day care. My old job, because I was helping out so much in the office, wanted to promote me to management with a .50 raise. It was a laughable offer due to the commute I’d have from Chicago, but I was still touched by the idea that I could be management. I talked to Husband about it and of course the idea of more money, more help paying off bills, intrigued him and he started talking about me doing the certification program (free to me; the company pays for it all). I was actually going to go get my Master’s in Early Childhood, got accepted to a school and everything, but it was crazy costly and we had no money for it.

But this is all something probably a couple years down the road. Tonight I sat down and sketched some things out for the room, and Monday I’m going to get the paperwork going on the certification program. Baby steps.


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