heart. break.

Driving down Lake Shore and Husband says, “I was thinking about my grandma a lot today. On my birthday, she would always call me first thing in the morning and sing me happy birthday.”

And then we spent the next ten minutes silently crying.

Finally, so quiet, Husband asks, “I wonder, how long will I be sad?”

I said, “As long as you want to be.”

Then we silently cried a little more.

I texted some people tonight so hopefully tomorrow he will get a nice surprise.


2 thoughts on “heart. break.

  1. The pain gets where it’s duller- or at least, sharp less often- with time.

    But the sadness doesn’t go away, I don’t think.

    My dad died 14 years ago this June, and I still bawl probably once a month, and tear up probably once a week.

    I think the answer to “How long will I be sad?” is “How long will you love her?”

    • So true! I feel bad because his loss is something I have not experienced myself, so I don’t know what to say. I was trying to convey that he shouldn’t squash or try to stop the sadness. I love your answer though — I don’t think we ever truly get over the loss of someone we love.

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