My coworker is having TWINS! She is (rightly so) freaked and excited all at the same time. She showed me her ultrasound and they are just two little pear shaped amoebas! Also, the author who had the miscarriage turned out to NOT have one, and the baby is trying to hold on, and I really hope that works out for her.

For me, the past two days have been … MAGIC.

Thursday was Husband’s birthday, and I orchestrated about six calls from family, everyone singing him Happy Birthday because his grandma isn’t around to do so. That made him happy, which makes me happy. Then his dad gave him his credit card (they have the same name!) and told him to take me to a good dinner. So we did — put on some slightly fancier clothes and went to an amazing Southern restaurant here in Chicago called Big Jones. We shared gumbo, I had quail (for real), and strawberry shortcake for dessert. Easily the best meal I’ve had in awhile (also one of the more expensive ones).

Last night I declared summer started, so we packed up a comforter and homemade sweet tea and went to see Footloose at a local park. Loved loved loved laying on him, watching one of the best movies ever, eating free popcorn on a slightly heated June night.

I’m trying to draw a lot of inspiration for life from I love her posts, her pictures, her carefree lifestyle. I like how her blog consistently focuses on the beauty and positive, with only a sentence here or there thrown to the chaos of real life. It’s a good getaway.

Also has me thinking about getting a camera – a nice Canon one. Sigh. Someday. Someday in the next few months, hopefully.

Today Husband is on his much-looked forward to bike ride, and I’m doing laundry and maybe writing and relaxing and thinking about how I woke up to him spooned around me.


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