look out.

Today one of my kids fell asleep while snuggled against my chest during nap time.

I am reading a Meg Cabot book and it’s actually super intriguing.

Currently listening to Josh Groban on Pandora radio, whom I have not listened to in many months. I am home alone and singing out loud SO LOUDLY. love.

Found Husband and Stepson snuggled in sleep over the weekend — love, love when they do that. We are fortunate enough to have Stepson for every weekend in July, and I’m already geared up to try planning events, like Movies in the Park and a possible Fair Oaks visit and definitely some splash parks as well.

These are a few of my favorite things.

But the best is this:

Husband gets a lot of trips with his biking. He went on two brew tours already, plus the one to Madison and a couple weekend Lake Shore rides with bike friends. The brew and Madison rides cost money, as do his bike supplies, which I’ve mentioned before. Anyway, I’ve been feeling a little left out, and I let him know this. I feel like he gets to do fun, non-couple activities and I don’t get that kind of stuff. So, we talked about it. One of my favorite things to do is read, and despite a forever seeming hiatus, I do like to write (although now it is mostly just in my head).

So what could I do? I mean, I go to the library for my books, and I’ve been getting such great books off that that I’ve kinda sworn off buying books for life. But I was browsing tumblr and found out that LeakyCon – Harry Potter fan convention – was coming to Chicago this year. Very cool, I thought, so I browsed the website. Hella expensive (around $300 for the weekend) and I don’t consider myself a super duper HP fan. But then I saw that a subset of the Con is LeakyConLit. Where amazing authors and editors as well come and do panels and lead discussion. I drooled a little — I haven’t done anything literary since college, except maybe read Anna Karenina. It’s a two day conference that costs $150.

I thought, this is STILL really expensive, but I SO wanted to go! (A one day pass was not offered for it, incase you were wondering.). Well, God smiled upon us, and due to some schedule switching which we were not privy to, apparently, Stepson’s daycare fee got chopped in half for this month … leaving enough money for me to pay for the pass.

Got approved for it already at work (my boss just shook her head at me, and was like, ‘What an intellectual and nerdy way to spend a day off!’). Husband is excited for me, and I can’t wait til August. There’s also rumors of book signing as well, and I already picked out which books I’m bringing. Hopefully within the next month or so they’ll update the page and I’ll find out what the panels are about. EXCITED!


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