Springsteen — Eric Church

We heard this song on the radio four times on the way home from Michigan yesterday and Husband is so generous he let me listen to the whole song three of those times. He is sick of it by now, I am not, I know every word and sing it loud.


Mr. Universe

This is actually Jim Gaffigan’s latest comedy special, I found it on Netflix of course, and it was hilarious. I was nearly crying during his thoughts on McDonald’s and Subway.


“Insatiable” by Meg Cabot

This is a vampire book. It is also Meg Cabot. There are very few things I can’t stand more than either of those two things. I keep reading that I will love this Meg Cabot book, or that one, and then I don’t. I read Insatiable because I didn’t think Cabot subscribed to the loving stalker relationship that is Twilight, so I wanted to see how she handled it. This is one of her better books, in my opinion. I really enjoyed the main character, the plot kept my interest the whole time, and the ending between the woman and the vampire was just perfect, in my opinion. There is a sequel to this book and I’m wondering where she will take it because it didn’t seem to me that Insatiable had a cliff hanger ending.


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