summer days.

Sitting here finishing up a pretty relaxing weekend. Lots of sleeping in, library visits, lounging around reading and surfing the Internet, and a great zoo visit today. We spent three hours there and the first half hour was spent talking to a zoo keeper about the aardvarks. I love meeting keepers at our zoo who are enthusiastic about the animals and about telling us everything the know. It’s really gotten me interested in finding some zoology books for the next time I go to the library.

Here’s an example of an adorable aardvark!

I also put in some time behind the wheel with the five speed. I did pretty good, and as usual the car only died once, but I did put a lot of pressure on myself. I got really frustrated a few times, mostly because it requires multitasking — you have to know when to shift while still checking mirrors and other drivers. Husband was pretty awesome about my frustrations, and tried to keep me positive. I’m great at getting off the clutch, but actual driving still freaks me. I psych myself out because I don’t want to get into an accident. But I’m trying to get past that into the positive, reassuring myself that I haven’t gotten into an accident yet. Mostly because in a couple weeks Husband is going on a bike ride to Milwaukee Zoo, and I have to take the car up to get him. By myself … eep!

Trying to keep up a positive attitude at work. It’s going a little better, but the heat and a poor working air conditioner are quite trying. They actually shut down most of the building Tuesday because the air conditioner gave out, but I ended up getting called in to help with infants, the only room open. I was disappointed that while everyone else got TWO paid days off in a row, I had to work. But I got some things done for my room, so that was that. We were also low in numbers last week, so that helped a lot.

Fourth of July was amazing … chilling in the pool and great food, plus really good fireworks. Husband and I haven’t seen fireworks since our first date waaaaayyyy back in July 2009. It was also our first Fourth with Stepson, who was super excited about the fireworks but also passed out in the car as soon as we left the parking lot.

Finally, I read a great post from a writer about how she got started writing and found time to write in the beginning. So I’m starting to ease myself back into the writing world …


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