Work yesterday was exciting … a water pipe burst midday, and flooded half the building. They’ll be working on it the rest of the week, so although I have today off (paid!), I’m going to a different center tomorrow to help out, and we’ll see from there where they need me next. It’ll have to be somewhere in Chicago, possibly downtown, because I take the bus/train.

I’ve been keeping more than busy today, doing loads of laundry and dishes, cleaning up and wrapping up garbage. It was so hot last week, and the apartment was in the 90s every day, that it was not a good environment to be keeping up with chores. We’ve also been making smoothies lately, and I made a pitcher of it this morning as well. It’s delicious and makes us feel healthy, since we use non-fat yogurt, non-fat lactose milk, and fresh fruit.

Health has been on my mind lately because although I feel good, I notice that I don’t really have any stamina, and I’ve been trying to change that. I’ve been exercising the past couple of days, but I’m not going to go too crazy because A) it’s all very new, so I can only do so much, and B) when I overexert myself in exercise, I get overwhelmed, and stop. I’m not really talking about it with anyone besides Husband though. I have a couple cousins that are ‘crazy’ about fitness, but they really Pin fitness more than actually doing any, and I don’t want to become that. So even though I’ve only been doing about 15 minutes of exercise a day, my thighs and arms still feeling the burn during it and the day after, and that’s good enough for me.

In sad news, a really great You Tube video creator stopped for awhile because she was getting death threats and stalked in real life over one word she said THREE YEARS AGO. People are very crazy and scary. I hope everything works out, and that she comes back eventually, because her videos were really great. John Green posted speaking out against it, and people were actually saying that she kind of deserved it! What?!

Other sad things on the Internet: people hating on Kelle Hampton because she only posts the positive, saying they hate the portrayal of her ‘perfect life’. Um … her site is called Enjoying the Small Things! Would it be called that if all she did was bitch and be negative? Believe me, there are some blogs like that out there and they’re really … boring! Also a girl I knew from long ago posted on Facebook saying we should all hate free health care and stand against it — even though some of her friends rely on it! When those friends spoke up, she got all huffy and declared she was just ‘voicing her opinion’ and then ‘closed’ her status saying she didn’t want to get into an argument … yet she posted something that would CAUSE an argument! Why did she say anything if she didn’t want to argue?

I’m all for free speech, and for people having various views, but when it doesn’t make logical sense to do so, or if you’re not doing so fairly (like stalking someone, or saying they deserve death threats, or that someone is ‘narcissistic’ because they are pretty), then it’s wrong. I wonder if the Internet makes us feel like people want to hear our opinion, even if they are cruel or factually wrong. People get so worked up over things and they don’t even know what they’re talking about. For example, the YouTuber I was talking about is all about loving yourself and your body, and even made a video about it. She herself is average, neither skinny nor overweight. Someone told John Green she did lots of fat shaming. What!! That’s exactly what she’s AGAINST.

There are times I just have to step away from certain places on the Internet because I can’t handle the cruelty and putdown of others.

Luckily I’ve been spending more time in really amazing books, trying to narrow down my outstanding list of 122 books I want to read …


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