Another day off today, and I’m going to help clean up damage tomorrow at my center. Since I basically did everything on Tuesday, I went to Redbox last night and got four movies to watch during the day. I read like crazy, but can never seem to sit down and get through a movie. Plus Husband is not a movie fan in any sense, so we don’t get to the theater very much (I barely got him to go see Avengers, and then he loved it and actually watched Iron Man 2, Thor, and Captain America with me).

The four movies I rented were:

Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows: A lot of fight scenes which were yawn, but I love some RDJ.

21 Jump Street: I surprised myself by how turned off I was by all the language. But I work with toddlers and don’t want TV/movies, so I guess I shouldn’t be. Still a funny movie and I enjoyed picking out all the actors I knew.

50/50: Knew this was going to be awesome and it was. Made me cry! Excellent.

Big Miracle: Lots of people in it, so it jumped around a bit on the storyline, but still a good, ‘heart-warming’ movie.

Husband’s phone died for good, so we went to Best Buy last night to get him a new one. While there the lady graciously looked up when my contract with AT&T expires and it turned out it expired at the beginning of July! This meant I could finally replace the Pantech I’ve been using for four years now. I usually try not to get too fancy with phones, as seen by the fact that I haven’t had a new one in four years. But once I explained that I wanted one with a good camera feature, and she steered me towards the phone Husband was getting. It’s a HTC One V and … it actually just hit the shelves yesterday.

I don’t know what that means, and honestly I just went to to look up the name of my own damn phone.

The reason I got this phone is because I can now take/send pictures with ease, skim and comment on Facebook, and use a bus tracker app where I just hit the app and my bus times shows up. All of this I was unable to do on my last phone. I also put Instagram on there for the thrill of having pretty pictures, but I haven’t used it yet.

I just read a blog post where the author said she puts her grocery list on her iPhone because it’s too hard for her to … hold a paper and cross off items with a pen.

Limiting my technology so I don’t get that bad.

In financial news, Stepson’s daycare expenses are (tentatively, from our preliminary calculations) dropping by $200 a month. That is a car payment right there, my friends. God is good.


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