I LOVE my phone, and I love me some Instagram. This weekend was a lot … including an ER visit for Husband, who lost vision for about 45 minutes and ended up getting a CAT scan. So for this post I’m just going to put up some pictures. I won’t be doing this a lot, but I’m still getting use to the camera phone and trying to get the pictures on the web, so this is sort of a practice blog post.

Work on Friday …. they were still trying to repair the building.

Waiting for my sister downtown.

During the four hour hospital stay. After I took this shot, I joined him on the bed.

Spent a lazy Sunday afternoon keeping in the shade and watching these two play contently.

Again, the posts won’t be mega pictures from now on. These aren’t even all the pictures I’ve taken with my phone lately. I really love deciding on pictures, cropping and editing. I don’t post on Instagram for likes or comments (mostly because although I’m following a few people, no one is really following me back). I enjoy looking for the little moments in life to preserve, like those above. I don’t always post my pictures on Facebook either; my pictures are for me, sometimes Husband, and that’s enough for now.

I am ktnchicago on Instagram if you’re interested in looking me up.


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