road. trip.

Husband had a mega bike ride today, and it ended in Milwaukee, so my sister volunteered to drive up with me to go get him. Which was good, because he was expecting to arrive at 5, but as the day went on this time became later and later and eventually ended up being eight o’clock.

We had a fantastic time. My sister and I haven’t spent a ton of time together lately, especially alone, so it was great to get that ‘us’ time. We grabbed lunch, went shopping, and nearly peed our pants laughing. We even accidentally party crashed while we were waiting for Husband (luckily, no one noticed!).

Right now it’s almost 11:00 and Husband and I are just settling down to dinner. I’m so proud of him for riding over 100 miles in a single shot today, but that means he’s exhausted! Tomorrow we go have a relaxing day at his mom’s, after we sleep in (both of us have been up since about 6:30).

Just wanted to write this all down because today was AH-mazing. Also had a great body positive moment today (found some cute stuff that actually flattered me, and I can work it to wear year round). It was in a dressing room, which almost never happens, so I took a picture so I can remind myself that I love my figure, and I look really cute in this outfit!


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