Over a month ago, I wrote a post called ‘Hush’. It seemed to convey the fact that Husband and I were waiting and hoping for some possibly good news.

This was true, and I’m going to elaborate on that now.

Back in May, Husband noticed that he was having some days at work where there really wasn’t a lot of actual work for him to do. This was making him nervous, so he began to apply for other jobs. In June, he had a call from one of those jobs. First came a phone interview and then, on the day I wrote ‘Hush’, he went in and had a real interview with several of the people in management. They told him they would let him know in the meantime.

During July, he continued to apply for other jobs. Someone at work even put in a good word for him at one of the jobs he applied for.

You are probably reading this, waiting for the next part where I say the first company called him and he has a new job.

That sentence is not coming.

Instead, yesterday his dad (who is a high-up at the small company Husband currently works for) pulled him aside and told him that the company’s biggest client was not renewing its contract. In sixty days, Husband and a boatload of other people (like, 80% of the company) will no longer have jobs. THAT’S how big this client was.

Also yesterday Husband got a call from another place he applied to, and he’s doing a phone interview with them today.

So I’m feeling upset and unsettled. We were creeping towards a place of normalcy and confidence with money, due to the triangle of Stepson’s lowered tuition, Husband’s raise, and my tax refund. I’m trying to stay positive, telling myself that things always seem to turn out right, but in this economy I can’t really convince myself.

We aren’t telling anyone in our families because we don’t want them worried. Husband wasn’t even telling them (with the exception of his dad, who was helping him out with it) that he was looking for a new job.

So I guess my words on June 27th are still true now — we are waiting, hushed, eyes to the sky with fingers crossed.



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