tea cup.

Normally November is seen (in the online world) as the month of writing because of NaNoWriMo, but one author likes to do a special writing challenge in August. You can find out more about it here, but the basic gist is that you sit down for fifteen minutes every day in August and write, whether it’s through using her prompts or not. I decided that this year, I’m going to try it. I think I can do it, and I decided that for the majority of it I’m just going to post on the blog since no one looks here (thanks for that sad information, STATS!) and I can say whatever I want.

I’ve also been paging through John Green’s multiple book tumblrs, and his passion for writing totally makes me want to sit down and pound out a novel.

I’ve also been doing my annual Harry Potter read through. I would always make sure to reread all the Harry Potters before the next one came out. Every summer after the last book came out (2007), I read some or all of the Harry Potter books. Sometimes I read 1-7, sometimes I read my favorites, sometimes I read only the REALLY big ones, sometimes I read them out of order. This year I am reading all of them, and let me tell you, it was a bit of a workout today having book 4 clunking along in my bag.

I have a fond spot for the series, as I got my first one completely by accident. I was at the bookstore with my aunt, and I think book 3 had already come out. I picked up a paperback of the first book and wondered aloud what all the fuss was about. She bought it for me so I could figure it out. I clearly remember this because my cousin got a Hanson CD, and it was then I realized how truly different we were, even though she was only a year older than me.

Anyway. Every time I read the series, it opens up anew to me, there’s always something that I’ve forgotten, a joke I didn’t get before, and I find myself still urging myself to keep reading, to figure out what happens next, even though I already know! ((Also realized a careless mistake — a quote I posted a few days ago from book 3 is actually from the movie, NOT the book. Oops.)) I’m also opening myself up to noticing all the links Rowling set up between the books, and I marvel at how much planning she must have put into these books. Reading these books really allows all respect to lower (once again) for Twilight, and at the same time I see how uncomplicated (though still quite good) the Hunger Games Series is. Rowling has easily a hundred characters and several lines she strings through all seven books, all while having to create an entire world. Most impressive, and I’m glad I take the time each summer to appreciate it once more.

That said, my (currently twenty) minutes are up, and I’m diving back in. I’ve been limiting my computer time each night because I’d rather sit and read. Feels so, so good.


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