work support.

For the past couple of months, I’ve been waking up in the morning dreading work. Some days were filled with slightly less dread, not many. We had a lot of kids and I was working with people who didn’t really want to work. At all.

The past couple of weeks, though, I’ve been very excited about work and it’s been going really great. They hired someone new to work with me, and because we’ve been low on kids it’s just the two of us and we’ve been pulling the room together spectacularly. We have a ton of inside jokes now, and I am laughing laughing laughing all day long. It’s been really good for me. Yesterday a kid knocked me in the mouth and I was in complete shock, so my coteacher and I started laughing, even when I realized I was bleeding. We also laugh so hard we are crying. Like I said, it’s been awesome.

I was starting to get worried though because they are trying to find someone to replace me so I can go back to infants, and they’re not having the best luck. The two people they had in for working interviews were pretty terrible (one of them doesn’t even want to work with young children!). I felt extremely torn — I wanted to go back to infants, but I also wanted my new coteacher to feel happy and mesh with the next person she had to work with.

I sat down last night with our temporary director (oh yes, my boss is leaving) and explained my dilemma to her. I told her that I would be willing to stay in the room past August, until the pregnant infant teacher (TWINS! SQUEE! Still can’t believe it) was leaving. This was a shock to her because she knew how miserable I had been in the room over the summer. She was very very happy that I agreed to this, though, and we talked a bit about the struggle for the room.

So even though we’re barely in August, we’re working hard to put the room together. This week the room was hit by a major hand-mouth-foot plague though, and we’ve spent most of the nap times this week sanitizing and scrubbing everything. Hopefully next week we can get curriculum up and the room up to par. We’re getting annoyed by people coming in and telling us that the room looks great when it’s obviously not true – LIARS! LOL.

Even though this week was filled with lots of laughs, the plague has been draining and I’m looking forward to the weekend. Husband is out with bike friends tonight, tomorrow we’re going downtown to see the new CityTarget, and Sunday we’re painting with Husband’s family. I’ll probably be doing most of my writing at night. I just read this amazing blog post from one of my favorite bloggers, about how she divides her time so she goes to her home office or the local Starbucks to sit and write not only for her blog, but also her freelance assignments. I think that is totally my goal now, for when I have kids, to become a freelance writer for various websites about having kids (especially with my background of taking care of other people’s kids). DREAM BIG!

Off to read more Harry Potter …


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