lit conference.

Don’t even ask me about the writing every day in August thing. Just … don’t.

However, I definitely got some AMAZING inspiration today. Why?

Because today was the LeakyCon LitTrack, and it was awesome.

Pictures are to come, my thoughts are muddled with the inspiration, and even though I scribbled down notes furiously, I can only give short notes about it.

The energy and friendliness of the actual LeakyCon is akin to Disney World.

Stephanie Perkins’ raw and honest account of her struggle to write her third book was inspiring.

Meeting John Green (again) cemented how humble and intelligent he is.

Talking up other people in line crushed my anxiety from earlier in the day about going by myself.

The panels and discussions themselves gave me much to ponder in terms of my own writing and the books I read.

Tomorrow there is not much in terms of the LitTrack; a lot of it was today. I’m debating about going to a publishers’ panel tomorrow, but am definitely going to an 18+ dinner with the authors.

Also, I’m doing a write up about the LitTrack for a website.


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