lit conference – 2.

Some pictures, as promised.

I went to the cocktail reception tonight — the one where authors/editors would be attending. I was very proud of myself for going, and for staying a full hour. It was hard because … I was alone, and I was pretty much the only person there alone. A lot of people were grouped in twos and threes. Yesterday had a really good track record of talking to people around me, but tonight, people actually turned away from me when I went over by them. It was really disheartening and I’m not gonna lie, I felt like … is there something wrong with me? I was talking to this girl while we were waiting for our drinks, and it was a good conversation, but once she got her drink she walked away from me.

I felt pretty awful about myself.

Finally, this group of girls around a table invited me to join them. I could tell I was the oldest in the group because the girls just seemed pretty immature. They were giggling a lot and weren’t talking about anything intelligent — they were talking about knighting each other and what they post on Twitter. I tried to follow along but it was kinda weird. Anyway, the point is that John Green was a couple feet away from this group. Once they noticed him, the one girl said, ‘Who would you rather have out of the Vlogbrothers?’

Yes, you read that right. This girl was asking us whether we would ‘have’ John Green or his brother Hank. I could tell I’m 25 because I was appalled by this question. First of all, both these men have wives and one of them has a child. Second of all, one of them was only a few feet away!

I have this thing about authors … I think they’re real people. I don’t think they’re like celebrities, who are really out of touch, but regular people who happen to be kinda well known. People fantasize and talk about celebrities because the chance of you actually meeting them in real life is very very very very slim. But authors go on tours and you can actually meet them, and you read their tweets and it’s not about premieres and high end shopping, but going to the dentist and taking care of their kids. So I walked away from the group after this girl asked this question, because I was totally disgusted by her attitude that the real person a few feet away from her was just some ‘guy’ she could ‘have’.

I think this really got to me because a couple nights ago Husband went to Best Buy by himself to get a new phone. The girl who took care of him, he told me, talked to him excessively and when she called his new phone to make sure it worked, she handed him the phone afterwards and said, ‘Oh, look at that. Now my phone number’s in your phone.’ And smiled at him. HE WAS WEARING A WEDDING RING! When Husband and I were engaged, an ex girlfriend of his Facebook messaged him KNOWING HE WAS ENGAGED and told him she was dreaming of him and that she wanted to meet with him for coffee (he deleted the message and deFriended her).

So yeah, to hear this girl talk about John and Hank with such disregard for his personal life irked me. Call me crazy, but it irked me.

So I went over and talked to John Green instead. And it was awesome. Although I have to say this … everyone was being … such a fan … around him and Maureen Johnson. I mean this one girl was literally going on and on about one of Maureen’s characters to her, and people kept coming up to John and asking for autographs on books and such. I mean, the point of the reception was to be able to normally chat with the authors, not bombard them like crazy people. Also they had just gotten back from a two hour signing … do you think they REALLY want to keep signing stuff? I really thought since it was an 18+ event people would be able to hold a conversation, and that was not the case.

Honestly honestly honestly … when I went to the signing yesterday (I think I said this already?) my hands were shaking to talk to John and Maureen. Tonight, at the reception? I listened to Laini Taylor talk, stood by Maureen Johnson while she talked with people, and had a conversation with John Green and I was fine. Isn’t that weird? I thought I was going to go crazy with nerves and I didn’t. Pretty cool!


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