down the road.

I spent the past three days discussing this post in my head, writing a thousand opening sentences and a million support sentences for those thousand.

I have been waning back and forth between worrying worrying worrying about Husband losing his job, and trying to ignore things until something actually happens.

And even though it jacks up the worry, and sets my heart skipping, I listen to him as he talks about the work slipping away, about the unanswered resumes he’s sent.

The good (and yet terrible) news is that my coteacher’s husband lost his job recently. So we have been sharing our hopes and fears, and it is quite the bonding experience. I enjoy feeling free to tell someone about it, especially since we haven’t told our families yet. We aren’t telling them until Husband finds a new job.

Work is calm and gratifying and so much fun. Currently, we are getting props from the temporary management, which is good for us. It’s mostly because we are being extremely cooperative, even though we’re some of the youngest in the building. That’s why tomorrow I’m heading out to another center to help out. I was going to be given the day off, but then the center needed me, so maybe next week.

A couple amazing things: engagement, pregnancy, another pregnancy, and my coworker with TWINS (TWINS! EEEP!) is doing wonderful. Also the vlogger that got scared off the Internet came back and it is awesome.

Anyway. Life right now consists of focusing on the positive, rereading The Fault In Our Stars for deeper understanding, and taking in Chicago.

Because I love the architecture and layout of this city so much so that I would drag Husband up up up the Sears Tower (forever the Sears Tower to me) on a clear blue sky day in order to gaze at it all.

just. gaze. in awe.

lay of the land.

feeling body positive lately.


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