three day

This weekend was a really great, relaxing weekend for Husband and me. The weather seemed to sense my need for calm and cool, because it was rainy and overcast on Saturday, which I loved. We grabbed coffee at Dunkin Donuts and then headed to the zoo, because when do we not go there.

It was actually a really good zoo day. We talked to two zoo keepers, saw a few animals out and about that normally sleep when we’re there, and experienced a great zoo chat on binturong. That is my favorite part of our constant zoo trips — we never know what’s going to happen each time we visit.

Coming home was rain and mega traffic on Lake Shore due to a college game at Soldier Field. Every time we drive down Lake Shore, I look up and gawk at the skyline. I constantly want to take pictures of it; I love how even in motion, the camera on my phone is capable of amazing photos.

This morning, we woke up and went out to breakfast before coming home and doing a few chores. If I haven’t mentioned it, we’ve begun recycling at home, and it’s lowered our trash contributing by leaps and bounds. The last time we took out the recycle was three weeks ago. Since then we’ve taken the trash out twice and accumulated three and a half trash bags of recyclable materials. I am extra grateful that Husband, who wasn’t keen on recycling at first because he was worried about trips to the bin and organizing the recycle in the meantime, has jumped onboard. Not having to take the trash out twice a week certainly helps a lot!

This afternoon we had the party at my grandma’s house. After our chores, I jumped in the shower and Husband took his next. After, he stood at the sink to shave while I blow dried my hair and absentmindedly watched Grey’s Anatomy. I glance over at him, and my heart skipped. I grabbed my phone and snapped the shot below. I love Husband to infinity, and I love that my phone is my camera, that I can snap quick moments of love like this as they happen. Also, can I just say that this picture, and the moment it comes from, makes me want to have babies with him like, yesterday? His hotness always seems to jumpstart my baby fever …


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