back and forth.

I got a new schedule at work, and even though it means waking up at six, I’ve been getting home at decent times and it has given me more time for things like dishes, laundry, hanging out with Husband, reading, etc. I’m really loving it. The times I leave are fluctuating, so I’m trying to figure out how to give myself some time to get some writing in.

Work has been really great as well, with low numbers and fun times. We got our butts kicked on Tuesday because we completely overhauled the room. I was so tired, and was relieved to be able to come home and relax for a few hours before bed.

A coworker had some crazy news, but that is a post for another day.

Finally, I have been out of ordinary upset with the teachers’ strike in Chicago. I really hate to get myself in debates, especially on Facebook, because everyone basically goes la la la la and loves their opinion only. ChickFilA was a great example of this. However, I could not stand it when my cousin posted a status that just … did not even cover what was going in Chicago with the schools.

I can’t even get into here without ranting like a crazy person. Husband has been very supportive of listening to me. My coteacher and I discuss the strike every day, and I think it hits very hard for us because of our husbands. Hers has not found a job yet, and neither has Husband. He also had a very disappointing phone interview on Tuesday. So to hear people striking mostly because of job security and raises, when there are so few in this economy who have that, upsets me. Also the girl I was debating on Facebook was young, recently out of college, and obviously had no idea that she had GREAT benefits as a CPS teacher. She talked to me with the attitude that ONLY CPS teachers dealt with no air conditioning and the ‘travesty’ of having to pay for health insurance. What?!

Moving on. Husband continually applies for jobs, and I try to stay positive. I really don’t know what we’ll do if he can’t find something ….


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