relief. somewhat. (cont.)

Back to finish up the post from yesterday. Here comes the “somewhat” part of the post. It is mostly about me, ha ha.

Wednesday I found out I had a bladder infection, which is terrible painful if you’ve ever had one. Today I decided the medicine was not working (it was supposed to be by then), so I ended up borrowing a coworker’s car and spending a couple hours at a quick care, where I got a stronger prescription. Hopefully relief from that will start some time this weekend!

The second “somewhat” concerns work. We’re still struggling with my one coteacher, who hasn’t been helping us lately with curriculum. Now, you may think that curriculum at a daycare with toddlers is easy street. But we actually have to come up with five unique activities every week (centering around any of the following: small motor, gross motor, sensory, science, literary, and dramatic play), we have to come up with five brand new books every week (that preferably relate to the month’s theme), and we have to put up new bulletin boards (there are 8, at least half have to change) every week! It’s a lot of work, and the more hands the better. However, I do love coming up with new ideas for our curriculum. My toddlers love to explore, try new things, and really engage in activities. We have done everything with them from making ‘slime’ to creating color collages, from stamping letters to using pom poms in a color match! We do activities that challenge them, but are also somewhat in their ability. For being 16-20 months, I really think (ha ha, tooting my horn) that we really push them to learn and that they know a lot for their age! I think I might make some posts here about what we’ve been doing, so I can reference them later when I have kids.

On one of the parenting blogs I read, the woman is homeschooling her child. She’s been posting different activities now and again, and I love it! Her daughter is three so though I wouldn’t technically classify it as ‘homeschooling’ I love to see parents educating their children with activities at home WITHOUT using technology. I’ve been keeping my eye on these posts to see if there’s anything I can adapt for my toddlers.

The final “somewhat” is that Husband has been sick for a record two weeks now. We’re going to the quick care tomorrow so that we can see if it’s something somewhat serious. My coteacher was sick for awhile because of the kids, so I think I just passed that on to him, but he swears it’s bronchitis, so we’ll see what happens!


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