making a home

Ever since Husband found out about his job, I’ve been glancing around the apartment, thinking about pulling it together. If I had the money and the time, I could really focus on hanging pictures, clearing away corners, and bagging up old clothes. I’ve always wanted to put up more wall art, and find a cute little stand to put by the front door so we’d have a place for mail, keys, and a knick knack. Right now what we use is the floor.

Alas, my classroom is cleaner and more pulled together than my apartment.

I keep reminding myself that my New Year’s Resolution was to declutter the apartment. I’ve been doing little things here and there, but I’ve also back slid.

The three bags of ‘thrown away’ trash are a clear example.

As is my closet, where a giant pile of clothes was a great exploration playground for Stepson the other weekend.

I see these giant projects, am taken aback by the ginormity, and run from them. I also tell myself I can’t do things without A, B, or C, and then run away to go read or mindlessly browse the Internet.

Saturday, my nesting bug bit me. I cleaned up the apartment, gathered up some recycle and filled up a bag with discarded trash that was filtered throughout the apartment. Husband and I picked up some nails and a new shower lining curtain from Target. We hung a mirror and a small sign that had been leaning against the wall since Christmas.

Tonight, I tackle the closet with a vow to get rid of anything I’m not wearing regularly, and to start hanging clothes back up.

Hopefully this will inspire me to do other projects every couple of days, instead of constantly putting things off. Progress day by day.

There are only a couple months left in the year, and there’s still a wall lined at the bottom with stacks of old papers and wedding dodads. I don’t really want to roll over this resolution into another year, so I better start cracking …


P.S. Husband has whooping cough and an ear infection.


One thought on “making a home

  1. Decluttering is definitely a long process…it feels like it is never finished! Baby steps.

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