sponge art

Here’s a really simple project we did today with the kiddies that worked out well and required no clean up! Full disclosure, I got this from a Family Fun magazine, but I discovered a few ways to tweak it to make it as easy as possible!

Supply List

  • paint
  • sponge, cut into fourths
  • Ziploc bag
  • paper, cut to fit inside bag


Put the paper in the bag. When cutting the paper to fit inside, make sure that there is some wiggle room for the paper. Room for the paper means room to move the sponge around. After generously coating the sponges with paint (because the sponge will absorb some of the paint), place them inside the bag and seal the bag shut. If you feel like your kid might be too tempted to open the bag, I would suggest giving the bag one quick staple at the top. Now a kid can smoosh the sponges, push them around on the paper, and even shake the bag, anything that will get the paint moving. Once it’s done, simply remove the art to dry and throw the bag/sponges away. You’re done and it’s all cleaned up!

Across the Ages

For Toddlers, the basic activity was enough to keep them entertained. They loved pushing the sponge around, rolling up the bag to see what effect that might have, and once I demonstrated shaking the bag … watch out! For a two year old, I would put two primary colors in the bag as a lesson in color mixing. For three or four year olds, I would get them to try and manipulate the sponge through the bag in order to paint a specific letter or object, testing fine motor skills. I would also give them bags with a variety of objects in addition to the sponge, and have them chart what was easiest to paint/move in the bag, and what was hardest.


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