new schedule.

I feel tired every day, down in my bones, and enjoy just sitting on the bus ride home and looking out the window, sometimes reading.

Last weekend was amazing. We went to the zoo Saturday morning despite the rain, and saw zoo chats plus a goat milking, plus ate lunch there. In the afternoon we went and bought me a MacBook Air (I know. It’s phenomenal, btw). Saturday night we went to the bar and saw a UFC fight.

Sunday morning we dressed up and went out to brunch at Big Jones. It was delicious. Over beginets, lattes and sweet tea, we talked adventure and future trips. We discussed Montreal, Nashville, Louisiana, and Seattle, and decided children were nowhere in our future. I think I re-fell in love with Husband over that meal, from the way he talked about his last trip to Louisiana to how he looked in his dress shirt.

We had plans with my sister, but she was running late, so we did laundry and I played around with the laptop until she came. We went out to eat and then a movie with her and her boyfriend. It was relaxing, fun, so great. I love having date nights, love sitting at a table and conversing while Husband’s fingers trip over my palm. We haven’t been to a movie since The Avengers, and I feel like Looper was a great movie to break that streak, especially since Husband is so picky about the movies he sees.


Husband started his new job on Monday. Our routine is shifting and we’ve been taking things day by day. I leave before him and get home first, but we both get up around the same time, since he showers in the morning now. I am trying to cook dinner before he gets home, and he’s jumping onto my bedtime (9:00, 8:30 if it’s been a particularly exhausting day).

He comes home and just buries his face in my neck, grateful to see me and worn out from the bounty of new information, plus the commute home. I daily remind him that first week at work is hard, that he will find a rhythm and relax.


Marriage …. is finding those weekends, those meals, those times where you as a couple can connect. It’s savoring those moments and using a hand squeeze, a look, or actual words to convey how you feel at that time. It’s carving out time for yourselves when the week seems rushed and errand driven.  Marriage is coming together at the end of the day and trading work stories, quips, laughs. Marriage is support when something is new and cuddles when waking up just before the alarm.

I love our marriage and our life.


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