little bits here and there.

After spending most of today running errands, I came home with a renewed sense of getting stuff done.

First I put up a few of the pictures I had been meaning to hang, as well as an art piece we got from Target. I used Command adhesive strips, but I was disappointed by how one package was only enough to hang one picture. That meant spending a lot of money for little result. However I do feel like the pictures are securely hung, and this way we don’t have to worry about holes in the wall.

Next Husband and I tackled the back room. Husband and I technically live in an one bedroom apartment, but we like to think of it as a two bedroom since we put the converter sofa in the back. The room is actually a pretty good size, and a lot can go back there. When we first moved in I had grand visions of spending time back there, writing and reading and so forth. However, one wall is entirely windows so it gets cold in the winter and extra hot in the summer. I am writing this to explain why we bought a desk and chair from IKEA. I used those for probably, oh, two days and then never went back there again. It quickly turned into a dumping ground for Husband’s bike equipment as well as old boxes I didn’t want to go through, but was keeping around.

Anyway. Today I decided we were making a plan and cleaning it up. My vision is to give the corner area by the door to Husband — I want to (eventually) put in a bench, with a couple boxes and a hamper, so he can work on his bike as well as strip down when he gets home without a lot of clutter. So we went through the two boxes of mine, cleared off the desk, put a couple outdoor items down in the basement, organized Husband’s bike equipment into boxes, and threw away all the trash lying around. And guess what? We found a $100 gas card! Incredibly happy and saving that for when we go to Nashville. While Husband worked on his back area, I cleaned out our junk drawer.

Confession: I HATE our junk drawer!! Growing up we NEVER had a junk drawer and I was super disappointed in us for having one because it has made our lives so very frustrating. We have lost envelopes, pens, tape, and my prescription health card to the junk drawer. I used empty check boxes and a gift card tin to get what we needed in there organized — gift cards/unused credit cards, address book, pens/markers/pencils, checks/thank yous & envelopes, batteries, and tape. This is how it looks now (pens are in a box; I had to angle it so you couldn’t see the checks!):


I was very excited about that. ANYWAY, I feel a lot better about decluttering now that I’ve covered such a big project. Especially when all I wanted to do when we came home from errands was nap, but I pushed myself and got all this done instead. With November starting this week and the end of the year inching closer and closer, here’s a list of everything I’ve accomplished and everything I hope to accomplish with my resolution to declutter:

  • ACCOMPLISHED: 3 shelf storage area in bathroom
  • ACCOMPLISHED: boxes of books/DVDs hanging out in living room, sorted through random clothes, and Stepson’s older clothes/toys
  • 1/2 ACCOMPLISHED: Stepson’s side of the back room — I organized it once, but I’m definitely going to have to reevaluate.
  • ACCOMPLISHED: Organized the closet!! YAY!!
  • ACCOMPLISHED: Hung up three pictures, one mirror, and two art pieces … all of which had been sitting around apartment.
  • ACCOMPLISHED: Cleared through boxes in the back room.
  • ACCOMPLISHED: Cleaned/organized junk drawer!!

To-Do List:

  1. Finish hanging pictures. (Two left in apartment, one we have to get from Husband’s grandma’s.)
  2. Sell desk/chair on Craigslist and organize Husband’s side of back room.
  3. Put away both air conditioners!
  4. Tackle stairway closet: clean out the unnecessary and organize what’s left.
  5. Put together box of wedding memorabilia (from a year and a half ago … sigh)
  6. Stow away Husband’s marketing books/paperwork
  7. Donate two bags of clothes in living room
  8. Find better way to store photo albums … and unused picture frames
  9. Reorganize Stepson’s side of back room



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